Web Fixes

Descriptions of the web fixes planned for this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
Live process tasks cannot be deleted in New Field View, but can be deleted in Classic.106987
A mandatory process form only needs to be completed for a process task to be closed, on mobile the form must be closed before the process task can be closed.113026
New web process page will change the form template associated with live process tasks if you select Save Changes when switching between tasks.113069
Users without the UnAssign User permission are still able to remove users from projects using the View Persons Projects window.113263
The Remove from Projects function does not currently display all relevant projects, and does not remove a form template from all projects which it is currently assigned.113615
The GetProjectDetails API function does not return data from lower level business units, and will only return data from the specific business unit which the API token you're using belongs to. This is inconsistent with how other, similar functions such as GetProjects works.113708
If you use the Copy Existing Template functionality, the system lets you add leading spaces.114031
Update the tbl_frm_formanswer table to not allow a 0, empty string or other non id values into it.114079
When changing the status of a task/form/asset via the web grid and the status requires a signature, the pop-up for a signature does not work and the user gets an error message.114125
Project process template details are missing from the grid view114126
Assigning a project process template to the project geometry in New Web doesn't work.114127
Organisation names are missing from the Organisations On Project section of the notification centre.114128
Task grid displays all columns by default, need to revert back to pre-2023 R11 where it displays a certain selection of them.114080
Names of users in the notification preferences are not visible for a project set up in New Web.114301
When translating Field View, the drawings library is blank unless it is in English.114341
When toggling the NL templates on the enterprise fails to copy, you can get around the error by unticking the Meer- en minderwerk form template.114392