What's New in Field View 2024 R4

We made a lot of changes in the fourth release of Field View in 2024. We completed the work to move forms, tasks, processes, and notifications out of Classic Field View. A new menu icon makes accessing them in the web application easier and will help you navigate faster. We’re continuing translating Field View into French, Dutch, and German. We also updated the code behind our mobile devices for a more secure environment.

User Interface Changes

A new menu icon in the upper left corner of Field View contains navigation to tasks, forms, processes, and other features that used to be in Classic. You’ll no longer have to switch between Classic and the web application to complete your work. The list of available features will continue to grow as we move more functionality to the web application.

New Field View Navigation Menu

We also changed the way the business unit, project, and your profile are displayed.


Now you can get to where you want to go with fewer clicks. Navigate faster to your work by selecting the star in the upper left corner of the page. The feature will then appear in the Favorites menu, accessible from the new navigation Menu.

Mobile Updates

We updated the code used for mobile devices with the latest operating tech and coding infrastructure to avoid redundancy issues, making your devices more secure

Removal from Classic Web

We’ll be spending time moving features that appear in Classic Field View into New Field View in preparation for ending use of Classic Field View.

Completed work for this release includes:

  • Moving forms, tasks, and processes.

  • Moving communication plan.

Upcoming work includes:

  • Moving business and project packages. This is currently scheduled for sometime in 2024.