What's New in Field View 2024 R02

Welcome to the first release of Field View in 2024. We’ve got exciting features heading your way. Both form contributions and form ownership are now accessible in New Web for the preparation of removing the functionality from Classic. Plan view has also moved to New Web, in addition to staying on mobile. Also, the drawings library has updated functionality for drawings updated outside of VFP. We also now have Dutch, French, and German translations of our reports in New Web, and added a print option for full resolution images in a form report.

Change Form Ownership to New Web

Change form ownership moved from Classic to New Web. You cannot change ownership of a form you do not own.

In addition, form ownership will be initiated, accepted, or declined within the View Forms functionality in Field View, not from an email. The owner requesting the change will be notified of the results through an email and be able to see all users on all business units who are owners of the form.

Plan View to New Web (from Mobile)

We added plan view to the main header in Field View. Selecting Plan View takes you to the new Plan View page.

Just like with mobile, you can browse the locations, see the location’s drawings and calibrations, and create new task and form pins. You can filter tasks and forms that are assigned to you.

Device Clock Consistency

We've implemented measures to prevent data entry if the device clock changes to a date/time other than the actual time. If users have been relying upon adjusting the device clock to a time other than the actual time in order to set a form's date/time, we recommend you instead add a Date & Time question to the top of your form template to allow users to enter any date/time, past, present or future.

Drawing Library Phase 2

Phase 2 of the drawings library is here! When a drawing is updated outside of VFP, you’ll see an indicator in the drawings library that a new drawing is available. Previous versions of the drawing will be hidden in the library when in the card view.

Full Resolution Images

You can now choose to print images at full resolution when printing a form report. You'll be able to zoom in and see details in the image.

New Web Localisation

New Web will be translated based on your browser language. Reports generated from New Web, including bulk download and form distribution, will be translated based on your browser language when the report was requested.

Nightly reports such as Communication Plan Task Reports will be translated based on the Project setting.

Removal from Classic Web

We’ll be spending time moving features that appear in Classic Field View into New Field View in preparation for ending use of Classic Field View.

Upcoming work includes:

  • Moving form tasks and processes. This is currently scheduled for R4 2024.
  • Removing communication plan. This is currently scheduled for R4 2024.