Test your Network Connection Speed in Team Mobile

In Team Mobile, you can check your Internet connection speed at any time to make sure you have a sufficient connection.

  1. Tap the menu in the top-left corner of the screen, and then tap About.
  2. From the About page, tap Network Speed Test.
  3. From the Speed Test screen, tap the Test button in the Download or the Upload section to test the download or upload speeds.
The results of the test are displayed on the right, and in the History section of the screen. See the table below for reference.
Speed Description
Fast (blue)

Download: > 20 Mbps.

Upload: > 10 Mbps.

Sync in the app should work very quickly.

Good (green)

Download: > 5-20 Mbps.

Upload: > 4-10 Mbps.

Sync speeds are normal.

Fair (yellow)

Download: > 1-5 Mbps.

Upload: > 1-4 Mbps.

Some slowness but the app will still sync.

Poor (red)

Download: < 1 Mbps.

Upload: > .7.1 Mbps.

Definite slowness. Eventually, sync will work.

Very Poor (dark red)

Upload: < = .7 Mbps.

Team Mobile will operate offline until a better connection is made.