Drawings Library

The Drawings Library holds uploaded project drawings for you to assign and use across multiple locations. These drawings can be uploaded from VFP or from your computer.

Note: Currently you can assign a drawing to a new location only on the Drawing Calibration page. We’ll be adding this functionality to the Drawings Library in a future release.
If you’re uploading a drawing from VFP you:
  • Must be logged in to VFP
  • Must have geometry permissions to see the library

Once a drawing is uploaded to the library, it cannot be deleted.

Drawings Library Definitions

Upload at DPI
Choose the quality of the image. A DPI of 300 results in better quality, but Field View may perform more slowly. An image with a lower DPI will have lower quality, but Field View will perform faster.
Convert to Grayscale
Select this to convert a color image to shades of gray. This option uses less memory than a color image.
A description of the drawing. This is for the library only and isn’t visible when the drawing is used in a location. We’ll be adding the ability to use the description from VFP in a future release.
A number for the revision. Decimal places can be used. You may choose to number a small change as .1, and number a larger change with the next whole number.