API Status Codes

API status codes have a corresponding JSON return code and description.

Table 1. API Status Codes
XML Return Code JSON Return Code Description
ACCESS_GRANTED 1 Access granted to the web service.
SUCCESS 2 Success. Also note DEPRECATED status code.
ACCESS_DENIED 3 This web service is not available for public consumption OR The item you are attempting to add/update is not within your business unit structure.
INVALID_API_TOKEN 4 The API token you supplied is invalid.
INVALID_CREDENTIALS 5 The credentials you supplied are invalid.
API_TOKEN_RESET 6 The API token has been reset by Viewpoint. Please log into Field View to regenerate.
UNSECURE_CONNECTION 7 The Field View API only allows calls using https. Please change the web service URL from http to https.
ACCOUNT_LOCKED 8 The account has been locked. Please contact the administrator to unlock.
ACCOUNT_INACTIVE 9 The account is inactive. Please contact the administrator to make it active.
NO_RIGHTS 10 The account has no rights associated with it.
QUOTA_EXCEEDED 11 You have exceeded your API token quota for this minute. Please try again in a few seconds.
EXISTS 12 The item you are attempting to add already exists.
DOES_NOT_EXIST 13 The item you are attempting to update does not exist.
INVALID_INFORMATION 14 You have supplied invalid information as follows...
ERROR 15 An unknown error has occurred.
DEPRECATED 16 Success, but soon this version of the function will no longer supported.
DEPRECATED_UPGRADE_REQUIRED 17 This version of the function is no longer supported. Please upgrade.
ERROR_VALIDATING_TOKEN 18 An unknown error occurred in the FV API service, validating your token.