API Security and Authentication

There are security and authentication requirements when using APIs with Field View.

  • All API calls must be made using HTTPS.
  • A Field View user will be granted special API permission and this will be applied by Viewpoint without charge for any organization which applies for it.
  • API access will grant Read/Write access to any information below the Business Unit level of the authorized user.
  • Field View provides an interface (Web and API) to view a generated private key (token) which will be unique to the login name/password (and Viewpoint private key) combination.
  • The token may be regenerated from time to time by Viewpoint for internal security purposes, so this should be accounted for by users of the API – notification will be provided via email by Viewpoint when this is scheduled.
  • The token may be regenerated from time to time by API users as required without notification to Viewpoint. This can be done by changing the password for the user.
  • The token must be provided with all API requests in order to authenticate the API request.