Configure Email Notification Settings

Manage settings for email notifications sent from the portal.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration.
  2. Select General Configuration.
  3. Locate each of the following settings and make the necessary changes:
    • Address of the SMTP Host:

      Enter the IP address / URL of your email host.

    • Email address to send emails from:
      Enter the email address to use in the From field for emails sent from the portal.
      Note: If you are not using anonymous authentication, this email address must match your SMTP login username.
    • Enable SSL in SMTP:

      Match your mail server setup. This setting is disabled by default.

    • Port used by SMTP server:

      Enter the port for your SMTP server. This field defaults to 587.

    • SMTP Log In Password:

      Enter the login password for your SMTP server.

    • SMTP Log In username:

      Enter the username for your SMTP server.

    • Timeout length for SMTP:

      Enter the timeout length in milliseconds. This field defaults to 100000.