Update the Daily Log in Field Management Mobile

Capture information about job site activities on the Field Management Mobile app.

You can enter notes, attach files or photos, or add weather information for a specific date.
  1. Create or open a job time entry on your device. For help creating a job time entry, see Enter Job Time (Field Tickets) in Field Management Mobile.
  2. To open the Daily Log, do one of the following, depending on whether you are using mobile view or tablet view:
    • In mobile view, select the Daily Log tab at the bottom of the page.
    • In tablet view, select the Daily Log option in the sidebar.
  3. In the Daily Log, select Description to enter text describing the job activities that took place on the selected date.

    Job description information is saved automatically.

  4. Select Weather to open the Weather page where you do either of the following:
    • Enter weather details manually in each of the available fields (Weather, Wind, Temp Low, and Temp High).
    • If a location has been set up for the job, select the Get Weather Data button to complete weather information fields automatically based on the job location.
    Note: If you enter weather information, be sure to select Save in the upper right of the Weather page to save your changes.
  5. Select Notes to open the Notes page where you can enter additional information about job site activities.
    Note: If you enter notes, be sure to select Save Save in the upper right of the Notes page to save your changes.
  6. Select Attachments to open the Attachments page where you can add files or photos to a Daily Log entry, or preview existing attachments:
    • Select + Add Attachments to add files or photos from your device, or to take a photo.
    • If attachments have already been added to the entry, you can select any of those files or photos from the Attachments page to preview them on your device.
    Tip: A badge displays to the far right of the Attachments option to show the number of files currently attached to a Daily Log entry.

When you submit mobile time entries, information saved to the Daily Log is pushed to the web portal as part of the field ticket. If any Daily Log attachments fail when submitting time entries, a warning displays. You can resubmit the attachments from the Refresh Data page. See Submit Time in the Field Management Mobile App for details.