What's New in Viewpoint Estimating 4.3.0

Viewpoint Estimating 4.3.0 brings a suggestion box enhancement, new online Help, updates to security, and bug fixes.

Welcome to the New Help

Just as we did with the prior online Help system, with each release, we'll outline the new features and provide any new information you need to know to successfully use your Estimating application.

A few things you should know about the new Help:

  • Installation Guides and Other PDFs
    All the information contained in Installation Guides and other PDF guides is now available and up-to-date here, in the Viewpoint Help, rather than provided as downloadable PDFs at the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
    Note: If you require a printed version of any Help page, you can generate a PDF or print a single Help page or an entire section of the Help at any time.

For more information, see Viewpoint Estimating's New Single-Version Help.

Vendor Lookup

To help avoid creating duplicate vendor records, the Create Vendor screen now automatically searches all vendor records as you type in the Vendor field. You can use it to perform quick searches to confirm whether the vendor you're about to create already exists.

More Accurate Equipment Hours Estimates

When you enter equipment hours on the Estimate tab, the new Equipment Hours Total field shows a summary of the total equipment hours. With this you can generate a more accurate estimated total number of equipment hours required.