Hilti ON!Track Integration with Vista

The Hilti ON!Track integration with Vista streamlines and automates the equipment management process, allowing for precise tool tracking and allocating tool use and costs to a job.

For more information about setting up the Hilti ON!Track integration with Vista, contact your consultant.

Important: Hilti ON!Track Integration Requirements: In order to use this integration, you must have the current cloud-hosted deployment of Vista with the Equipment Management module implemented.

Integration Overview

With this integration, equipment, location, and employee data in Vista transfers to Hilti ON!Track. Hilti ON!Track records and tracks tool movements between locations and employees, and these location transfers automatically update in Vista. Hilti ON!Track calculates the time tools and equipment spend at job sites, and you can use this data to better allocate costs to a job in Vista.

Set Up Records in Vista

Work with your consultant to set up your Vista and Hilti ON!Track applications for this integration.

Then set up equipment, location, and employee records in Vista in order to fully leverage the tool tracking and job cost allocation features of this integration.

To get started, see the following topics for guidelines about setting up the necessary Vista records:

To learn about the specific data transfers between Vista and Hilti ON!Track, see Vista and Hilti ON!Track Field Mapping and Data Flow.

Transfer Tools and Equipment in Hilti ON!Track

Once the two applications are connected, log in to ON!Track, view your equipment assets, and transfer equipment to different locations or employees.

When a piece of equipment is transferred to a job in ON!Track, this information is automatically updated in Vista.

For more information, see Transfer Equipment in Hilti ON!Track.

Automatically Charge Equipment Usage to a Job in Vista

Return to Vista to create, process, and post usage batches for the equipment that was used on the job.

For more information, see Charge Equipment Usage to a Job in Vista.