What's New in Automatic Invoicing 2023 R9

This release includes options to retry or delete errored invoices from the Completed page, as well as enhancements to the Process step. In addition, this release includes a new Invoice Settings option to override the month field in invoices.

Retry or Delete Errored Invoices from the Completed Page

For invoices with an Errored status on the Completed page, meaning they were not successfully processed by Vista, this release includes options to either resend all errored invoices to Vista (Retry All Errored) or to delete the errored invoices from the system (Delete All Errored).

For more information about the Completed page, see View Completed Invoices.

Enhancements to the Process Page

This release includes the following improvements to the Process step when using Automatic Invoicing.
  • For batches with several invoices, in the thumbnail view of the invoices on the Process page, you can now use the right arrows (>, >>) to display the next or last invoice in the batch, or the left arrows (<, <<) to display the previous or first invoice in the batch.
  • Also on the Process page, under the Invoice Details heading, a "Go to Invoice..." message now indicates which invoice in the batch is selected.

Invoice Settings: Override the Default Month Behavior

You can now change a setting in Automatic Invoicing that overrides the month field for any new invoices you upload. By default, when you upload an invoice, the month field matches the month of the invoice date field. When the new Override the default Month behavior setting is enabled, you can configure the month field to default to the current month for invoices older than the age you specify. For instructions on changing invoice settings, see Edit Invoice Settings.