What's New in Automatic Invoicing 2022 R9

This release introduces an Admin role with permissions to delete batches created by any user. Also, you can now view the status of recent batches on the Trimble Construction One home page.

Admin Role

With this release, you can assign an Admin role, which provides permissions to delete a batch created by any user. For details about each role, see the Accounts Payable Roles section here. For instructions on changing a user's role, see Edit a User.

Accounts Payable Details on the Home Page

From the Trimble Construction One home page, under Accounts Payable, you can see the status of recent batches.

  • To open the Accounts Payable page where you can access all batches in progress, select the Accounts Payable heading.
  • To add a new batch, select the plus icon.
  • To continue working on a recently saved batch, select the name of the batch.

For instructions on how to enable and use Automatic Invoicing, see Automatic Invoicing (for Trimble Construction One Users).