What's New in Automatic Invoicing 2022 R11

With this release, you can have invoice-related emails forwarded directly from your shared AP mailbox to an Inbox in Automatic Invoicing where you can quickly add the invoices to a batch to be processed. This release also adds a Completed tab where you can view the status of all processed Invoices, and also enables the Month field when processing an invoice.

Inbox Tab

You can have emails forwarded from one or more email addresses into the Inbox within Automatic Invoicing. When setting up an Inbox account, you can decide whether to receive only emails that have attachments or also emails that do not have attachments. From the Inbox, you can select one or more invoices and add them to an existing batch or to a new batch. For information on setting up and working with the Inbox, see About the Inbox.

Completed Tab

With the Completed tab, you can view the status of all invoices sent to your ERP system. For details on using the Completed tab, see View Completed Invoices

For instructions on how to enable and use Automatic Invoicing, see Automatic Invoicing (for Trimble Construction One Users).

Month Field Enabled when Processing an Invoice

When reviewing the invoice details during the Process step of Automatic Invoicing, you can now modify the Month field.

For information about the Process step, see Process Invoices.