About the Service Management Work Center

The Service Management (SM) Work Center provides a centralized place to field inbound calls, manage the creation and scheduling of work orders, and to review, bill, and close work orders as they are completed.

It can also be used to add new customers and service sites on the fly, review "hot list" items (such as overdue work orders), and run various reports and custom queries.

Once you have set up your SM Work Center(s), you can perform a variety of tasks and functions:

  • View call center, scheduling, and work order information
  • Create new records and/or edit existing ones
  • Create and/or edit related records
  • Perform related tasks
  • View/Open related items and attachments
  • Add and/or edit attachments
  • Launch reports
  • Add inquiries
  • Perform keyword searches

Setting up an SM Work Center

For information on prerequisites to setting up an SM Work Center, see see About Work Center Setup.

If the prerequisites are complete, add SM Work Centers to the main application window by selecting Options > Work Centers. You can add work centers manually or by selecting a pre-defined work center profile (that are already set up in the VA Work Center Profile form).

For information on reducing the time it takes to set up work centers, see Save a Work Center and Add a Saved Work Center to the Application Window.