Project Management

The Project Management module is used by operations staff like project managers and administrators to create and track project documents, including those for change management and procurement.

Project-related activities performed in the PM module:
  • setting up firms and contacts
  • entering cost and revenue projections
  • tracking the various documents and logs associated with the project, including:
    • RFIs
    • submittals
    • change orders
    • daily logs

The PM module interfaces with other modules in Vista.

JC - Projects and contracts that you create in the PM module have a "pending" status and cannot be accessed in the JC module until the PM Interface form is used to send the contract and original estimates to the JC module.
Note: Projects and contracts created in the JC module have an "open" status and are immediately available in the PM module.

PO, MS, SL, and IN - Purchase orders, material orders, material sales quotes, and subcontracts can be created in the PM module and become available in the other modules once they have been interfaced using the PM Interface form. Purchase orders, subcontracts, material orders, and material sales quotes created in their respective modules are immediately available in the PM module.

Getting Started

  • Set up Subfolders - All of the forms in the PM module display in the Programs folder, so opening forms from this folder can be cumbersome. You can group and organize the forms into custom subfolders - for example you can group all of the change order forms into a folder titled "Change Orders". To create a subfolder in the PM module, right click on the Project Management option on the Menu tab, and then select New > Subfolder from the menu that appears. Once the folder is created, copy and paste the forms into the new folder.
  • Menu Templates - Administrators can use the VA Menu Templates form to create menu templates, which users can then apply. For example an admin can create a menu template for all Project Managers at your organization. When a Project Manager applies that template, all of the forms that they use in the PM module will automatically be grouped into meaningful subfolders. To apply a menu template, right click on the Project Management option in the main menu, and then select New > "Menu template to apply" from the menu that displays, where "Menu template to apply" is the name of the template that you would like to apply.
  • PM Work Center - The PM Work Center is a centralized place for doing work in the PM module. Click here for an overview of the PM Work Center. Click here for information on adding a PM Work Center to your application window.
  • Project Setup - A basic overview of projects, including information about how projects, phases, and cost types are related, creating new projects, and linking projects and contracts. For more information, see About Project Setup.
  • Change Orders - Click here for an overview on change orders.
  • Project Buyout - Project buyout is the process of buying services from subcontractors or materials from suppliers. When you buy the services of a subcontractor, a subcontract is created to define the scope of work being done. If you are buying the materials from a supplier, a purchase order is created. Click here for an overview of the subcontract buyout process, which includes links to documents that guide you through the process.
  • Related Items - The Related Items feature allows you to link related project records and then view and access those related records from the PM work center and most forms in the PM module. For example, you can associate a pending change order with the project issue that created the PCO, and then view or open the PCO from the PM work center or the Related Items panel on PM Issues. Click here for more information on the Related Items feature.
  • Email Integration - Email integration means that all emails generated from the PM module and the replies to those emails will automatically be added to the associated records as attachments. See About PM Module Email Integration.
  • Create and Send - Generate project documents - Use the Create and Send feature to generate project documents (RFIs, subcontracts, contract change orders, etc.) and/or reports and then email/fax those documents to a user defined list of contacts. For example in the PM Request For Information form you can use the Create and Send feature to create an RFI document and then email that RFI to a list of contacts associated with the project. Click here for information about the Create and Send feature.
  • Work Flow - The Implementation Checklists and Processing Logs for this module are available in the Workflow module. To view the checklists and logs, use the WF Checklist Template form. For information on processing the checklists and logs, see Work Flow.

    If you do not have the Workflow module, use the WF Templates report (VA Reports menu) to view or print the checklists and logs.