Purchase Order

The Purchase Order (PO) module works with other accounting modules (and the Project Management module) to integrate the purchasing process from the point of request through internal approval and purchase.

Purchase orders originate either through setup in Project Management (PM) or directly in the PO module. PO interacts with the Accounts Payable module to provide expense information directly from orders, with Job Cost to track committed units and costs, and with Inventory to maintain on-order quantities. Equipment Management details are integrated through the AP module, as are all General Ledger updates.

Creating Requisitions

Purchase Order Cost Information

Initializing Requisitions

Receiving Purchase Orders

Assigning Reviewers to Requisitions

Calculating Taxes

Creating the PO Batch

Standing Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Numbers

Multicompany Processing

The Implementation Checklists and Processing Logs for this module are available in the Workflow module. To view the checklists and logs, use the WF Checklist Template form. For information on processing the checklists and logs, click here.

If you do not have the Workflow module, use the WF Templates report (VA Reports menu) to view or print the checklists and logs.