Project Settings for Drawings

In the project settings page for Drawings, you can configure and manage the project disciplines and project areas that are available for your drawings, specify how drawing disciplines are automatically parsed from drawing sheet numbers, and also specify auto-incrementing starting revision for your next drawing upload.

Team provides a list of default project disciplines to organize your drawings. From the project settings, you can add, edit, or delete a discipline.

For projects that include multiple buildings, you may want to create areas to organize your drawings. Areas provide an additional level of hierarchy for drawings, and allow you to have more than one sheet number/file name in the same project. You can create separate areas for each building in your project and then assign drawing files with the same name to the different areas. For example, in the following image, the project includes one area for Building A, and another area for Building B. Both areas include an A101 drawing.

To access the project settings for Drawings, from your project page, click the settings icon , select Project Settings, and then click the Drawings tab.

Note: If you have uploaded separate drawings with the same file names to different project areas, and later wish to disable project areas, Team will require that you first rename or remove one of the files to avoid conflicts.