A contact is a person who is involved with a project in your enterprise. Examples of a contact are a project manager, supervisor, foreman, subcontractor, owner, architect, engineer, office employee, or inspector.

You can add existing contacts from Viewpoint Team™ or from your ERP system (Vista or Spectrum) to a project, or you can create new contacts in Viewpoint Team™. When integrated with Vista, if the contact you create in Team does not exist in Vista based on email address, it is added automatically.
Note: You cannot add contacts from Jobpac into Team. In order to add a contact to a work item (RFI, Issue, or Submittal) you must manually create or invite a new contact.

Once you add a contact to a project, you need to invite the contact to be a collaborator. The contact can then create their own user account in Viewpoint Team™.

That person can be added to and contribute to submittals.

If needed, you can change a contact's information or access to a project. You can remove a contact from a project if they do not have a Team user login.

If the contact has a user login, you can revoke their access to a project, if they are not assigned to any submittals. The contact remains in Team, but can no longer view or access the project.