Download a Work Item

You can download a PDF version of a work item once you select to print it.

When you select to print a work item, it generates a high-quality PDF file in a new browser tab (including any attachments in the order they were uploaded), which you can then download or print.
  1. From the Assigned to Me section of the home page, click on the work item (submittal, RFI, issue) assigned to you.
    The details page appears.
  2. Click the More button in the upper right corner and select Print.
  3. Use the Include Cover Sheet, Include Attachments, Include Comments, and Include History check boxes to configure your printing options.
  4. Click Print.
    The work item appears in PDF format in a new browser tab.
  5. Click the Download icon .
  6. Select a location to save the work item to, and click Save.
The work item is downloaded as a PDF.