Requests for Information

A request for information (RFI) is used to obtain information not contained in the contract documents.

Any one working on the project can create an RFI to request information from anyone else on the project. For example, the general contractor or a subcontractor submits an RFI to a design or engineering professional to get required information. The fields available to you on an RFI depend on your permission type on the project.

RFIs can be used to meet contractual notification requirements, such as when errors, conflicts, or omissions are discovered. Using an RFI in Viewpoint Team™ ensures that the information is recorded and available for reference.

Most RFIs can be classified into the following categories:
  • Design clarifications - including conflicts, incomplete plans, and specifications
  • Requests for a design change - for example, due to errors in construction or sequencing problems
  • Requests for substitutions - due to value engineering, material availability, or ease of use
  • Construct-ability issues
  • Differing site conditions

You can create an RFI in Viewpoint Team™ to record the details of the RFI, attach files, send it to the appropriate person, and track it through getting a response and agreeing on an answer.

You can set a number of defaults for RFIs in the project settings. You can set the following:
  • Automatically number RFIs based on project number or project number and RFI type.
  • Set default contacts to send RFIs to based on the RFI type.
  • Set the default number of days to respond to an RFI.