View Contract Summary at Completion and Profit Fade/Gain

If you use Vista, Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud, or Spectrum, the Team project dashboard provides a Contract Summary at Completion section, which gives an overview of the project financials and how they change over time, and a Profit Fade/Gain section, which shows a project's profit margin fade or gain.

Note: Operational reporting (Billings-to-Date and Contract Summary) must be enabled by Viewpoint. To request this feature, open a Viewpoint support case from the Viewpoint Customer Portal and request operational reporting for your enterprise.
Note: If you are running Vista on premises (as opposed to VEC), make sure you have installed the latest Vista-Team Connector and Project Communications Database file (Vista_Team_Connector_x.x.x.x.exe and Vista_ProjectCommunicationsDB_x.x.x.x.exe). For update instructions, see Update the Vista-Team Connector.
  • Once enabled by Viewpoint, operational reporting must be activated for your enterprise by the Enterprise Admin. From the Admin Center, activate the Job Cost Reports tool. (Tools > Settings > Job Cost Reports). For details, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise.
  • You must be logged in as an Enterprise Administrator or Project Manager in order to view contract summary information.

Contract summary information is automatically imported from your ERP enterprise and is updated once a day after business hours. This visual provides a quick glance of your current financials and how they compare to your original and projected values.

You can hover over each section in the summary to view details of the changes.

You can also view one of the following standard reports, filtered by your project, by selecting the additional options button .
  • Job Cost By Cost Type
  • Job Cost by Cost Type and Phase Code

For details on working with standard reports, see View a Standard Report in the Help for Viewpoint Analytics. For field definitions, see Project Management: Cost Detail.

To view how the project financials have changed over time, click Show previous values.

The bar graph shows estimated contract value and estimated cost for previous months. The line graph at the bottom shows estimated margin for previous months. Hover over a month column to view the values for that month. Hover over the dotted lines to view the original values for contract value (blue), cost (orange), or margin (green).

The summary shows a rolling 13-month history. Information prior to 13 months will not be displayed.

The Profit Fade/Gain section shows your project's profit margin fade or gain.

Hover over the fade/gain value to view the calculation and numbers used to determine the percentage.

Note: If your Team project is mapped to a job, which includes sub jobs, the cost information for those sub jobs will not be reflected in the "Contract Summary at Completion" or "Billings to Date" sections on your project dashboard. In order to see the cost information for the sub jobs, import each sub job separately as a project into Team. Once imported, you can view cost details for each individual project. For details on importing a project, see Import a Project from your ERP.