An issue is used to track and manage risk associated with a project. The result of an issue is often an RFI and/or a change in scope to the project through a change order.

A project team member may create an issue to record a possible risk associated with the project. For example, a collaborator could create an issue to report a possible problem with the design. Ability to create an issue depends on your project role and the project settings. In addition, the fields available to you on an issue depend on your permission type on the project.

You can create an issue in Viewpoint Team™ to record the details of the issue, attach files, send it to the appropriate person, and track it through getting a response and agreeing on an answer.

As a Project Editor or the responsible party, you can create an issue related to another work item so that they can be viewed from each other. For details, see Create a Related Record .

You can set a number of defaults for issues in the project settings. You can set the following:
  • Automatically number issues based on project number or project number and issue type.
  • Set default contacts to send issues to based on the issue type.
  • Set the default number of days to respond to an issue.