Documents are project-related electronic files that you upload to the relevant project in Viewpoint Team™. The permissions granted to you when you were invited to Viewpoint Team™ control whether you can view, download, and delete documents.

Virtually any file type can be added to documents, including proprietary formats like DWG. Other examples of common types are PDF, XLS, and PNG. File names are limited to 255 characters (including the file extension) and the maximum file size is 4 GB.

Documents are stored in folders in Viewpoint Team™. You can create and manage the folder structure for each project. See Folders for more information.

You can move documents and folders to reorganize information as needed. When you move a document or folder, the moved item inherits the permissions for the new location. If needed you can view the history for a moved item shows its previous location.

You can upload new versions of a document. Viewpoint Team™ maintains the history of the document, so you can view and download previous versions of a document.