Open Spectrum Financial Controls

You can launch Spectrum Financial Control screens directly from the ViewpointOne platform.

In order to open Spectrum Financial Control screens from the ViewpointOne platform, your enterprise must be linked to Spectrum.
Note: Accessing Spectrum screens will take up a Spectrum user license and Spectrum user permissions will apply.
  1. Click in the upper left-hand corner, and then click Financial Controls.
  2. Select an option to open that screen in Spectrum.
    Note: Once you have opened a Spectrum screen from the ViewpointOne platform, clicking another option from the menu opens the selected screen as a separate tab in your Spectrum browser but does not automatically redirect you to the screen. To view both the ViewpointOne platform and Spectrum simultaneously, drag the Spectrum browser to a different monitor, or resize and move it so both windows can be viewed side by side.

If the Spectrum Financial Control screen does not open, verify that your Team enterprise is linked to Spectrum.