View Items In Progress

From the project page in Team Mobile, the Items in Progress section provides an overview of all Submittals, RFIs, Issues, and Daily Logs in progress for that project as well as status details for each item type.

  1. Tap the menu in the top-left corner of the screen, and do one of the following:
    • Tap the name of your project to open the project home page.
    • Tap All Projects, locate the project, and then tap to open it.

    In the Items in Progress section of the project page, a pie chart for each item type indicates the total number as well as how many items are overdue, coming due, and on track. Note the color coding for items in progress:

    • Green: on track.
    • Yellow: coming due.
    • Red: overdue.
  2. Tap the heading or number for Submittals, RFIs, Issues, or Daily Logs to open a detailed view for that project item type.
  3. In the detailed view of a project item type, you can view the following:
    • By Org shows the number of items per organization assigned to the selected project item type.
    • By State shows the number of items per project item state.
    • For RFIs and Issues, By Impact shows the number of RFIs or issues in which a Change Impact (Schedule, Cost, or Drawing) has been indicated.