Mobile Project Settings

The Team Mobile settings allow you to modify project settings through your mobile device. They can be accessed by opening the mobile application menu and selecting Settings.

Set Home Page

The Set Home Page function allows you to choose a project that you can select or has been assigned to you by an adminstrator.

Drawing Preferences

The Drawing Preferences function allows you to cache latest revisions offline.

With WiFi Only, select whether you want to download drawing files with WiFi exclusively.

Daily Log Notifications

The Daily Log Notifications function allows you to set a time and day when you want to be notified with daily log updates.

Note: Depending on which setting you choose, notifications will not appear accordingly until you sync your Team mobile app.

My Profile

The My Profile function allows you to edit the following details of your profile:

  • E-mail/Username

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone Number

PCO Preferences

The PCO Display window allows you to re-arrange and apply custom views in your PCO Logs of up to 3 of the available filters.

Note: Number and Type are always the first item in the PCO log view.
  • Origination Date
  • Contract Change ($)
  • Description
  • ROM($)
  • Status
  • Subject
  • Type