Export a Work Item as a PDF in Team Mobile

You can export a work item (submittal, RFI, issue, daily log) as a PDF in Team Mobile.

  1. Tap , and then tap the name of your project to open it.
    If your project isn't shown, tap All Projects, locate your project on the Projects page, and then tap to open it.
  2. From the project home page, tap Logs .
  3. Tap the work item type (submittal, RFI, issue, daily log) you want to work with.
  4. In the work item list, select the work item you want to export.
  5. Tap the Export PDF icon.
    The PDF Options screen appears.
  6. Select the PDF options you would like to export with your work item, then tap Create.
    Note: Keep the mobile app open while your PDF is being generated.
The work item has been exported as a PDF.