Compare Drawing Sheets in Team Mobile

You can compare drawing sheets between previous versions or different drawings.

  1. Tap the menu in the top-left corner of the screen, and do one of the following:
    • Tap your project name to open the project home page.
    • If your project does not appear, tap Change Project to open the Project list, and tap the name of your project to open it.
      Tip: From the Projects page, you can add a project to the main menu by tapping the star icon for that project.
  2. Tap Drawings.
  3. Select one of your drawings and then tap the More button .
    The more options dialog box displays.
  4. Tap Compare.
    Note: Your drawings will initially compare with it's previous version.
  5. To compare your drawings with a different drawing set, select Compare With and choose your drawing.
    Tip: Items added to the drawing would be highlighted in blue while items deleted would be highlighted in red.