Add a Photo or Attachment to Daily Logs with Team Mobile

You can add photos or other file attachments from your mobile device to your Daily Logs in Team Mobile.

  1. From the Assigned to Me page, tap the name of the Daily Log to open it.
    You can also open the Daily Log from the project home page:
    1. Tap , and then tap the name of your project.
    2. If your project does not appear, tap Change Project to open the Project list, and tap the name of your project to open it.
  2. Select Work.
  3. On the bottom of your screen, tap Add an Attachment .
    An upload menu will display.
  4. Tap Take a Photo to access the camera on your device or Choose from Gallery to select a photo already saved on your device.
    Note: The first time you access the camera on your device, a message appears requesting access to the camera. You must allow access in order to take photos using Team Mobile.
  5. To add a file attachment, tap Select a File. Your mobile explorer window will display. Search for and tap on the file you want to upload.
    Note: Team Mobile allows for any file type to be uploaded.
  6. Tap Save to finish adding attachments.
Your photo or file appears as a paper clip icon in the Work Entry screen.