About the Application Menu

Use the Trimble Construction One Application Menu to easily access your enterprise applications.

Select in the upper right-hand corner of the Trimble Construction One home page, and then select an application. The menu shows all active applications that an Enterprise Admin has given you access to in the selected enterprise. Trimble Construction One applications are listed first followed by any custom applications or add-on products that your Enterprise Admin has added.

If your company uses ProjectSight or Trimble MEP, your Enterprise Admin can add either of those to the menu. For instructions on adding applications to the menu, see Add Custom Applications and Add-On Products to the Application Menu in the Team Help.

Note: More Trimble Viewpoint products, including ERP systems, will be added to the Application Menu in future releases.

If you have multiple enterprises in your organization, you can also use the Application Menu to switch to a different enterprise. When you switch enterprises, the Application Menu automatically updates to show only the applications available to you in the selected enterprise.

Note: All applications available across your organization's enterprises remain accessible from the main menu .