About the Trimble Construction One™ Home Page

The home page for Trimble Construction One provides links to your Trimble Construction One applications.

The options on the home page vary based on the products you use and on your permissions.

Team Options

If you use Team, the home page provides the following options.

Assigned to Me
The Assigned to Me list shows you the items assigned to you, as well as their due dates and status details, which you can use to help prioritize your work.

You can filter the Assigned to Me list by item type or by other parameters. To filter by item type, select the down arrow and select the item type you wish to view. To filter by other parameters, select View and select the filter parameter.

By default, projects are listed in alphabetical order. To move a project to the top of the list, select the star icon for that project.

You can search for a project by selecting the search icon . In the search field, type the name of the project and then press Enter. You can also sort the list of projects by name or number. To sort, select Sort By, and select a sorting option.

Analytics Options

If you use Trimble Construction One Analytics, the home page provides an Analytics section. Access your Trimble Construction One Analytics reports by selecting one of the folders under the Analytics heading or create a new report by selecting the icon.

HR Management for Spectrum Options

If you use HR Management for Spectrum, the home page provides the following options, depending on the user's permissions.


Invite New Hire: HR specialists with permission to invite new hires to onboard will see the Invite New Hire option. Select this option to send an onboarding invitation.

New Hire Dashboard: Visible to HR specialists with permission to Manage New Hires and Initialize to Spectrum.

Hiring Process Setup: Visible to HR specialists with Profile Admin permissions.

New Hire Progress Snapshot: HR specialists with permission to Manage New Hires and Initialize to Spectrum will see a current summary of new hire task progress for their profile groups. This includes the number of tasks awaiting action and the number of new hires initialized to Spectrum in the past month.

Employee Self-Service

Personal Info: Allows employee users to view and manage the information that they currently have on file in Spectrum, including their contact information, emergency contacts, and direct deposit information.

Earnings: Allows employee users to view, download, and print pay stubs and tax documents.

Accounts Payable Options

From the Trimble Construction One home page, under Accounts Payable, you can see the status of recent batches.

  • To open the Accounts Payable page where you can access all batches in progress, select the Accounts Payable heading.
  • To add a new batch, select the plus icon.
  • To continue working on a recently saved batch, select the name of the batch.

Return to the Home Page

You can quickly return to the home page by selecting thein the upper left corner. You can also select the in the upper left and select Home.

Resource Center

Select the gray question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the Trimble Construction One home page to open the Resource Center, a single point of access to Help, Release Notes, User Guides, with links to the Viewpoint Academy, Viewpoint Customer Portal, and Trimble Viewpoint community.