Upgrade your Viewpoint ID to Trimble (with Azure AD)

Take these steps one time to link your Azure AD credentials to your Trimble ID.

The steps on this page apply to you only if:
  • you log in to your Viewpoint application(s) using Azure AD,
  • you do not already have a Trimble ID, and
  • your organization is actively undergoing the process to federate with Trimble ID.

If all three criteria apply, taking these steps is or will soon be required, but you'll need to take them only once.

To federate your Azure AD login with Trimble ID:
  1. Log in to your application like you normally do, using your email address and Azure AD password.
    A one-time splash screen appears informing you of the upgrade to Trimble ID.
  2. (Optional) Watch this video - a summary of what to expect.

  3. Select Next.
    The Trimble ID login screen appears, with your email in the Username field.
  4. Select Next.
  5. A Microsoft Azure window appears, prompting you to select the appropriate account.
    1. If you have only one Work account, select Work or school account.
    2. If you have multiple Work accounts, select Back and choose the account you're going to use.
    A confirmation window appears.
  6. Select Yes, use this account.
    Your intended application opens.
Your Azure AD login is now linked (federated) with your Trimble ID.
You can continue logging in with your Azure AD credentials.