About Managing Analytics Licenses

Administrators can view the total number of Analytics licenses in use, and allocate those licenses as needed by going to Admin Center > User Management .

The number of Analytics licenses are shown in the upper right-hand corner as follows.

Following Analytics Users:, the number on the left shows the number of licenses in use, and the number on the right shows the total number of licenses.

You can also export a file that shows all the Analytics licenses in use. For details, see Export License Data.

How Analytics Licenses Are Counted

When a user is given access to either or both Vista Reports and Dashboards in the Analytics Features menu, it consumes one Analytics license. Note that the Team Reporting feature does not use an Analytics license because it is included with Team.

For example, if a user is given access to Vista Reports, that uses one Analytics license. If that same user is given access to both Vista Reports and Dashboards, that also uses only one license.

Note: Nothing prevents you from allocating more Analytics licenses to users than the number of available licenses indicated. If you do this, note that the first 30 days for any licenses over the number of purchased licenses are free. After that time period, you are billed for the additional licenses.