What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2023 R9

The 2023 R9 release of HR Management for Spectrum allows HR admins to control user access to your Employee Self-Service portal and expands Enterprise Admin access. This release is available as of 9/26/2023.

User Management

New! Manage User Access to Employee Self-Service

HR admins now control access to your Employee Self-Service portal for users with a Trimble Construction One login. This includes employee users, HR specialists, and other HR admins.

On the User Management - Beta page (HR Admin Tools > User Management (Beta)), select the With Login filter to view a new column that gives you the option to either Disable HR or Enable HR for a user.

  • To remove a user's access, select Disable HR. If you remove a user's access, that employee will no longer receive notifications sent from your portal and will see a Not Authorized page after attempting to log in.

  • To give a user access, select Enable HR. Users with a Trimble Construction One login and a status of Active are enabled by default. This applies to new users and to existing users who were added to the system in a previous release.

Changes to a user's access take effect immediately. However, it may take a minute or two for the User Management - Beta page to refresh to reflect your changes. See Manage User Access for more details.

Enterprise Administration

Note: The following enhancement was added in an update after the 2023 R9 release.

New! Enterprise Admins Now Have Access to HR Admin Options

Enterprise Admins now have access to Admin Settings and the User Management page in your Employee Self-Service portal. They will see these two options from the hamburger menu in Trimble Construction One.

With this change, Enterprise Admins cannot access employee data. However, they can perform the same administrative tasks in Employee Self-Service as HR admins. See Admin Settings and User Management - Beta for more details.

Reset User Email Addresses

Spectrum System Administrators can now correct email addresses for users whose accounts were migrated to Trimble Construction One but who did not receive the initial email invitation to join Trimble Construction One. After the System Administrator changes the user's email address in the Spectrum Operator Maintenance screen, your Enterprise Admin can re-migrate the user's account. Previously, resolving this issue required assistance from Support.

Important: As a System Administrator, do not change the email address for a user whose account has been migrated and who has accepted the invitation to Trimble Construction One. If you change the email address and re-migrate the user's account after they accepted the invitation, you will break the user's connection to Employee Self-Service and their employee data, such as pay statements.

After a user has set up their Trimble ID, only that user can change their email address. Direct your users to update their email address at myprofile.trimble.com.

See User Account Migrated With an Incorrect Email Address for more information.