Invite a New Hire to Onboard

Onboarding starts with an email invitation from an HR specialist.

The onboarding invitation includes a link to the Welcome page of your Onboarding website and an access code that allows the new hire to log in.

From the Welcome page, new hires complete their required onboarding tasks, which display as tabs on the left side of the page. New hires can complete tasks on a computer or using a mobile device.

  • New hires must complete their Personal Information and Form I-9 before any other tasks.
  • Subsequent steps may be completed in any order.
  • Completed steps display with a green check mark.
  • After completing onboarding tasks, new hires submit forms for HR review.

HR specialists must have Invite permission for a new hire's profile group in order to invite that new hire to onboard.

HR specialists with Manage New Hires permission receive an email notification when new hires in their profile groups submit onboarding packets. Email notifications are sent every 15 minutes and include all new hires who submitted a packet during the most recent 15-minute interval.

Watch the following video for an overview of the onboarding process. For written instructions on inviting new hires to your website, see Send an Onboarding Invitation.