Create an Employee Kiosk User Template

Every employee with access to the Employee Kiosk module requires a Spectrum Logon ID. This ID is then assigned to the appropriate Employee code and Contact within the system.

You must be a Spectrum administrator to perform this task.
If you have not already created an Employee Kiosk user template, follow the instructions below to complete this task. You will use your Employee Kiosk user template as the basis for creating Spectrum logons for your employee users of Employee Self-Service.

For more details about Spectrum security setup, see the Spectrum Security Guide, which is available to Spectrum security administrators.

Note: This is step 2 in the process to Invite Employees to Employee Self-Service. Before continuing, be sure to complete step 1, Send a Welcome Email to Employees.
  1. In Spectrum, select System Administration > Security > Operator Maintenance.
  2. Select New.
  3. For User Type, select Employee Kiosk, and assign an Operator code of EK.
  4. Create a Logon ID and Password.
  5. In the Name field, enter a name such as EK Template or something similar.
  6. Leave Copy from logon blank.
  7. Select OK.
  8. Open the EK template operator record that you just created, and select the Scheme tab.
  9. Select Specify company overrides to unlock the Categories tab.
  10. Select the Categories tab, and create two new category lines with these settings:
    • Line 1: Category = PA; Level = 1 (allows the user to sign in)

    • Line 2: Category = EK; Level = 2 (allows the user to view Personal Information)

  11. Select OK.
Bulk Create Employee Kiosk Operators in Spectrum.