Troubleshooting: W-2 Records not Showing in Employee Self-Service

In order for employee W-2 records to be available in Employee Self-Service, a system administrator must first back up W-2 records for the applicable reporting year in Spectrum.

Backing up W-2 records in Spectrum can resolve issues with W-2 forms not showing on the Earnings > Yearly Forms tab. If you need help enabling the Earnings feature, see Configure Enterprise Settings.
Note: If you make corrections to W-2 forms after generating W-2 backup records, you will need to run the backup process again in order for those changes to show in Employee Self-Service.

As a Spectrum system administrator, complete the following steps to back up W-2 records to history.

  1. In Spectrum, select System Administration > Year End > Year End Processing.
  2. Select Payroll.
  3. Select W-2 Processing.
  4. In the W-2 Form Maintenance screen, select the Backup button.

  5. In the Back Up W-2 Records to History pop-up window, do the following:
    1. In the Year field, enter the applicable reporting year.
    2. Under Proceed with update? select Yes, write information to history.

    3. Select OK.
After the history table has been built, W-2 records will be available to employee users from the Earnings > Yearly Forms tab in Employee Self-Service.