Access Vista Reports on the Web

Use the View Reports button available on each Vista module page to access Vista reports on the web.

In order to access Vista reports:

  • You must be a licensed user of Vista Web Office Tools.
  • You must log in to the web portal using your Viewpoint ID single sign-on (SSO) account. For help configuring single sign-on, see Configure Your SSO Account.
  • You must have been given access to the reports in Vista.

If you have any issues accessing Vista Web Office Tools, or accessing any Vista reports, please contact your System Admin for assistance.

Note: Custom reports must be set up in Crystal Reports, as this is the only report type currently supported by the Vista Web portal. SSRS or other report types are not supported at this time.
  1. Log in to the portal with your Viewpoint ID single sign-on (SSO) account. For help, see Log In With Viewpoint ID (SSO).
  2. From the navigation bar, select the Office Tools link.
    Note: The Office Tools link displays only if you are a licensed user of Vista Web Office Tools and if you have logged in to the portal with your Viewpoint ID single sign-on account.
  3. Select the hamburger menu in the upper left of the page.

    A list of Vista modules displays.

  4. Select a Vista module name.

    The list of forms available for that module displays separated by category.

  5. Select the View Reports button that displays above the list of Vista forms.

    The list of Vista reports displays. You will have access to the same Vista reports in the web portal that you have access to in Vista. If you have questions about report access, please contact your System Admin.

  6. Use the Company dropdown in the upper right of the page to filter reports by company.

    If you select a different company, the page refreshes to show the reports that you have access to in the selected company and module.

  7. You can use the Search field to search for a specific report.
  8. You can select Show More for a report (right side of the page) to view the full report description.
  9. To open a report, select the report name.
    Note: Office Tools supports custom drill-down reports and Vista standard drill-down reports.
  10. In the left-hand column of a report, you can modify fields as needed. Make sure to enter values in the required fields, indicated by a red asterisk.
  11. When you have finished modifying the fields, select Load Report.

    The Vista report loads as a PDF.

    You can use the standard PDF viewer options to download or print the report.

    You can also download the report as a .doc file, using the Export Doc button, or as an .xls file, using the Export Excel button.

  12. To return to the reports page, select the back arrow next to the report name.