Configure Viewpoint ID Login

For Trimble Construction One customers, learn how to configure your web portal so that users can link their portal login to their Trimble Construction One profile.

Only Enterprise Administrators can change the tools available in Trimble Construction One.
Note: For instructions on enabling multi-factor authentication in Trimble Construction One, see Enable Multi-Factor Authentication in Viewpoint Team Help for details.
  1. In Trimble Construction One:
    1. Open the Admin Center
    2. Select Modules > Settings, and enable the Keystyle tool.
      Tip: For instructions on activating modules in Trimble Construction One, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise in Team Help.
  2. In the portal:
    1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Single Sign On.
    2. Select the checkbox for Enable SSO through TC1 login. This setting enables the Log In With Viewpoint ID button on the Login page.
    3. Optionally, to add a link to Trimble Construction One from your portal's navigation bar, select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup > Advanced Configuration, and select the checkbox for Show TC1 Link On Nav.
      Note: To view advanced portal settings, select Show Advanced Settings at the top of the Portal Settings page.
      • If you select Show TC1 Link On Nav, an application menu (waffle menu) will display in the navigation bar with a menu item called Navigate to TC1 Homepage.
      • Users who log in with their Trimble credentials can select Navigate to TC1 Homepageto open the Trimble Construction One home page in a separate browser tab.
  3. Users who log in to the portal using the Log In With Viewpoint ID button on the Login page should know the following:
    • The first time they log in, users are prompted to enter their Trimble Construction One credentials and then their portal login credentials. This links the Trimble Construction One and portal profiles.

    • After the profiles are linked, users can enter their Trimble Construction One credentials to log in via the Log In With Viewpoint ID button.

    • First-time portal users still need to enroll in the portal.

    • Users whose accounts are linked to their Viewpoint ID cannot log in to the portal via their employee number.

    • Users who do not select Log In With Viewpoint ID can still access the portal, but they will have to enter their Trimble Construction One credentials if they select Navigate to TC1 Homepage from the navigation bar.

    • Logging out redirects the user to the Trimble Construction One login page (not the portal login page).

      Note: When a user connected to Viewpoint ID / Trimble ID logs out of Vista Web (by clicking the logout button or browsing to the login page), they are also logged out of Viewpoint ID / Trimble ID in that browser. Closing the browser tab of Vista Web will not log the user out of their Viewpoint ID / Trimble ID session.
  4. To unlink your portal login and your Trimble Construction One login:
    1. Log in to the portal with your Viewpoint ID.
    2. Select your name in the upper right, and then select Unlink (near the top of the dropdown menu).