Forms and Form Templates

Forms contain questions and fields that a device user can complete on the device to gather data while on location on your construction project. Forms can also be completed in the web application.

Forms contain questions that you want a device user to answer while inspecting a building site, doing an audit or quality check, or answering regulatory questions for a project. You can track the workflow status on forms, and the data collected with forms can be viewed in reports.

Form are categorized into types. Form types are used to group forms on devices to ease form selection and on the web application during form analysis. By default, Field View includes several form types, including permit forms, quality check forms, and safety, health, and environment (SHE) forms. You can add form types if needed to fit the needs of your projects.

Forms are created by creating and configuring form templates in a business unit. When you create a form template, you configure the form properties, set permissions for using the form template, and add questions. To add questions, you determine if and how you might want to group questions on the form, select the question types, write the text for each question, and in some cases, create groups of predefined answers.

Once created, forms are then assigned to a project. Once a form template is assigned to a project, form template properties can be edited, but questions in the form cannot be added, edited, or deleted. You can, however, create a new version of a form template, and add, edit, or delete questions as needed from the new version.