Access Vista Forms on the Web

Use Vista Web Office Tools to access the same forms and attachments that you have access to in Vista, including user-defined (UD) forms, on the web.

Currently, over 90 Vista forms are available on the web in read-only format and may not be edited. However, if you have permission to UD forms in Vista, you can modify the same forms (and attachments where applicable) in Vista Web Office Tools. For a list of the forms currently available in Vista Web Office Tools, see Vista Forms Available in Office Tools.

In order to access Vista Web Office Tools:

  • You must be a licensed user of Vista Web Office Tools.
  • You must log in to the web portal using your Viewpoint ID single sign-on (SSO) account. For help configuring single sign-on, see Configure Your SSO Account.
  • You must have been given access to the applicable forms and attachments in Vista.

If you have any issues accessing Vista Web Office Tools, or accessing any Vista tables or forms, please contact your System Admin for assistance.

  1. Log in to the portal with your Viewpoint ID single sign-on (SSO) account. For help, see Log In With Viewpoint ID (SSO).
  2. From the navigation bar, select the Office Tools link.
    Note: The Office Tools link displays only if you are a licensed user of Vista Web Office Tools and if have logged in to the portal with your Viewpoint ID single sign-on account.
  3. Use the Company dropdown in the upper right of the page to filter custom tables and forms by company.

    If you select a different company, the page refreshes to show the UD tables and forms that you have access to in that company. If you launch Vista after selecting a company, Vista will default to the company selected in Vista Web Office Tools.

  4. Select the hamburger menu in the upper left of the page.

    A list of Vista modules displays.

  5. Select a Vista module name to view the list of forms available for that module.
    Tip: Forms are grouped by category. For example, Accounts Payable includes an Admin and a Vendors category. Payroll includes a Time Entry and a Payroll Process category.
    Note: A subset of forms is currently available for each module. More forms will be added in future releases.

  6. To open a form, select the form name. For example, AP Pay Category or AP Vendors.
    Note: You can also select the View Reports button on the main page for each module to access Vista Crystal Reports on the web. See Access Vista Reports on the Web for details.

    The forms page opens to the grid view. At the bottom of the grid, you will notice a Total Record Count, which shows the total number of records available for that form (based on your permissions).

  7. From the grid view, you can sort, filter, and export grid results, or manage columns as follows:
    • To sort by a specific column, select that column name.

    • To filter a column, enter text in the field below the column name, and then select a column header to refresh grid results.

    • To add or remove columns, select the More icon to the right of a column name, and then select Columns from the dropdown. You can then select (or deselect) column names.

    • To export the current grid view of a form to an Excel file (.xlsx), select Export to Excel in the upper right of the form.

      The exported file will include the full set of records available to the user. The columns and rows shown in the file are based on the user's current grid results. For example, if a user has filtered a grid to show only certain columns or rows, only those columns and rows are exported to the Excel file.

  8. Select the pencil icon in a grid row to view read-only details about that record.

    With a record open, you can select a tab on the left side of the page to navigate through the different sections of the form. Selected tabs display as highlighted.

    Note: Only standard tabs are available, such as Info, Add'l Info, Material Sales, Notes, and others (standard tabs vary by form). User-defined (UD) tabs are not available.

  9. Users with permission can add or remove attachments as follows:
    1. From the grid view of a form, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the pencil icon in a grid row, and then select Attachment.

    2. Follow the prompts in the pop-up window to add or delete an attachment.
      Note: You must have the appropriate Vista security setup in order to view or add attachments to a form. Contact your System Admin if you need assistance.
    3. When you are finished, select Close in the Attachments pop-up window.
  10. To navigate to a different form, select the hamburger menu in the upper left of the page.