Training (Field Management)

The training module has features in HR Management and in Field Management.

The HR Management side of training includes the following features:

  • Training History allows users to see their own training and skills on file.
  • Training Classes allow instructors to create and open courses. Users who complete a course can have skills and training codes added to their HR Resources Training/Education.
  • Career Paths allow users to see potential jobs they might be in line for and the required skills and training they will need to get there.

The Field Management side of training includes the following features:

  • Users will see the Training History page, which allows them to see all skills and training on file in HR Resources.
  • Those given permission as a Training / Skills Editor will be able to see skills and training for users they are assigned to.
  • The Training Admin will be able to see, edit, and add training and skills for all employees within their permission.

This section is for the Field Management features of training. For the HR Management features, see Training (HR Management).