Field Management Mobile Preferences

Each Field Management Mobile user can change certain preferences on the mobile app.

To access Field Management Mobile preferences, from the home page of the app, tap the menu button in the upper left and then select Preferences.

Dark ThemeChanges the colors on your Field Management Mobile app from white and blue to black and white.
Allocation GridsAllows you to use a grid entry layout for jobs and overhead line types (optimized for tablet users).
Note: For tablets, this setting is selected by default.
Auto Add Myself to TimecardsAllows you to add yourself automatically to each of your timecards. This setting is recommended for users who enter their own time.
  • If you only enter time for others, you may not want to enable this setting.
  • For uses with permission to enter time only for themselves, the mobile app skips the employee selection page.
Employee Sort OptionChoose whether to sort employee lists by number or alphabetically by name.
Sort OptionChoose whether to sort all other lists (not employees) by number or alphabetically by name.
Sync Data Only Over Wi-FiTo sync the mobile app with your employee portal data (for example, pay periods, jobs, and phases) only when your device is connected to Wi-Fi, enable this setting.

If you do not enable this setting, your mobile app syncs with your employee portal whenever you use a list screen (for example, Employee, Job, and Phase).
Clear & Reset DataDeletes all submitted and unsubmitted timecards and re-syncs all data.