What's New in Viewpoint Estimating 4.4.0

Viewpoint Estimating 4.4.0 brings a time-saving feature, an AutoCAD update, and introduces the option to sign in to your application using a Trimble ID.

Search As You Type

Customer fields throughout the application now automatically search from among all existing records as you type your entry.

This search-as-you-type functionality makes it easier to locate the customer record you might be seeking or to perform quick searches when adding a record to determine whether the record you're about to create already exists.

Trimble ID for Cloud users

Starting with this release, you can log in to your Estimating application using Trimble ID. Your Trimble ID is your set of single sign-on credentials which you can also use to log in to any other Trimble product.

In a future cloud release of Viewpoint Estimating, logging in using Trimble ID will become mandatory, and your Viewpoint Estimating credentials will stop working.

If your instance of the application is hosted in the cloud, you can opt to set up your Trimble account and start logging in using your Trimble ID starting now. To get started, see Upgrade your legacy Estimating login to Trimble ID. For more information, see Legacy login to Trimble ID FAQ.

Support for latest versions of AutoCAD

Viewpoint Estimating now supports importing and exporting files to and from the latest AutoCAD versions. As before, file extensions .DWG and .DXF are the supported types.

Style Update

The Dashboard and Menu icons in the application are now easier to see. All the menu selections are in the same place as before, so these cosmetic updates don't require you to do anything differently than before.

Bug Fixes

This release provides fixes to customer-reported issues. To see the list:
  1. Log in to the Track Cases/Issues page of the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
  2. Make your selections in the product and module filter options.
  3. In the Fixed in Version field, enter the current release version.
  4. Select Apply Filters.