Viewpoint Estimating's New Single-Version Help

You can now access up-to-date information about Viewpoint Estimating in one place.

Starting in early April 2024, all Viewpoint Estimating content is available in a single version of Help on Viewpoint Help. This means that no matter what version of Estimating you are on, when you access Help from your application, you will get the latest version of Estimating content.

Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

When did this change occur?

In early April, 2024.

Now, attempts to access versions of Help prior to version 4.3.0 are redirected to Viewpoint Help.

Prior to this change, Viewpoint Estimating versions 4.3.0 and forward were already directed to Viewpoint Help.

Why did this change happen?

This change has a number of benefits, all focused on ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information about Viewpoint Estimating.

Some benefits include:
  • Everyone has access to the most up-to-date Estimating Help content, with a way to be aware of new features available in the latest versions of the software.
  • It provides one location to find all information on tax updates, cloud deployment options, integrations, and so on.
  • It provides a single, official source of Estimating content online, enabling search engines to display only the latest information.
  • It eliminates the chances of finding outdated or irrelevant information.

Does context-sensitive Help (selecting the question mark to get information about a specific form) still work?

For those on versions 4.3.0 and forward, this option will continue to open the related Help page as it does today.

For those on any version prior to 4.3.0, this option will open the Viewpoint Estimating home page in Viewpoint Help.

Do bookmarked Help pages still work?

Bookmarks to the old site won't work anymore. You will need recreate your bookmarks on Viewpoint Help.

If you are running a legacy version of Viewpoint Estimating, in some cases, you may notice a discrepancy between the software and the Help content. This is because the Help content is aligned only with the latest version of the application.

However, we'll ensure that when you open the Help, either by selecting the question mark or browsing from the Estimating Help home page, you will continue to find relevant information when you need it.

Did we lose access to historical information like release notes?

Though outdated versions of Viewpoint Estimating Help are no longer available, release notes from version 4.0.0 forward will remain available (see Pre-4.3.0 Release Notes).

There are also PDF copies of older release notes available on the Customer Support Portal.

For more information

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