Install or Upgrade Viewpoint Estimating

Whether you are installing for the first time or upgrading to the latest version, you can start here.

Depending on your needs and the size and complexity of your organization, you can install your application in one of the following configurations:

  • Server-Based Network - In a server-based network, a computer with a server operating system stores the Viewpoint Estimating database. Other computers—set up as workstations—connect to the dedicated server to share information in real-time. See Hardware and Software Requirements for details on system requirements.
  • Standalone System - A single computer configured to accommodate all relevant hardware and software, including but not limited to:
    • All peripheral hardware such as a printer/scanner and optional digitizing tools.
    • All software, including the application and the database.
      Important: We do not provide system requirements for standalone systems.

Be sure to review the Hardware and Software Requirements to help you determine which configuration is right for your organization.

Installation Notes

  • A new server installation can take 2 to 2½ hours. Each new workstation installation can take 1 hour.
  • Do not install Viewpoint Estimating on a computer that was upgraded from a Windows Home version, including upgrades performed using Windows Anytime Upgrade. In this case, you must perform a clean install of the operating system using one of the supported versions.
  • Consider using the System Tools available in Windows (such as Disc Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter) to maximize your disk space before installing Viewpoint Estimating.
  • Ensure that you are not using file compression on any drive or folder that might relate to your Viewpoint Estimating installation or to your SQL database. (Compressed folders typically appear in blue in Windows Explorer.) Be sure to decompress all related drives and folders before installing Viewpoint Estimating.
  • You must complete the Viewpoint Estimating install on the server, including all prerequisites.
  • If you are installing a server-based network, at some point you must also install Viewpoint Estimating on at least one workstation. This can be done anytime after the server install is complete.
  • During installation on the server or on a workstation, you may be prompted to restart the computer one or more times. Each time you are prompted, you must restart the computer in order to successfully complete the installation. After you restart your computer, you must click Install to continue.
  • If you are running an unsupported or incompatible SQL Server database instance, the installation will stop and close automatically.
  • Viewpoint Estimating automatically installs the latest Microsoft.NET Framework if it is not already installed.
    • If you receive a message during installation about compatibility issues with Microsoft.NET Framework, click the links on the message to obtain more information about these issues. To continue the installation, select the I understand and want to continue installing checkbox and click OK.
  • Your organization received a license from Viewpoint. You must apply and activate it on the same server where you install Viewpoint Estimating.
  • You must set up at least one user as the Service Broker administrator. This user receives administrative messages, including failure notices, from Service Broker. For details, see Users screen.
  • You can download and use Viewpoint Advanced Image Manager (AIM) for free as part of your Viewpoint support agreement. AIM is a valuable tool for modifying and organizing many types of drawings, reports, and image files for import into Viewpoint Estimating and other applications. See Advanced Image Manager for details.