Log in to Viewpoint Estimating

Open and log in to your Viewpoint Estimating application.

Note: Unless indicated by your system administrator, you may choose whether to log in directly through the application (with credentials set up by your system administrator) or through Windows (with the credentials you use to sign in to your computer).
  1. Open Viewpoint Estimating. You can open the application in two ways:
    • Double-click the Viewpoint Estimating icon on the desktop.
    • Open it from the Windows Start menu. Select the Start menu, and type Viewpoint Estimating.
  2. In the Authentication drop-down, choose an authentication option:
    • Viewpoint Estimating: in the Login Name field, enter your user name, and in the Password field, enter your password.
    • Windows: the Domain\User Account Name field displays your Windows domain and user name. If this information is not correct, contact your system administrator.
  3. In the Database drop-down, select the database.
    Note that the application is installed with two default databases:
    • MaxDemo is a demo database populated with dummy data; you can use it to test application functions.
    • MaxApp is your production database; this is your live system.
    Note: If you are migrating to Viewpoint Estimating from another software application, you may want to define additional databases for your installation. To define additional databases, contact your implementation or Customer Support representative.
  4. Choose one:
    • If you are logging in using your Trimble ID, select Login with Trimble ID.
    • If you are logging in using the classic sign-in, select Login.