Takeoff Tab

The Takeoff tab is where you will perform the actual takeoff. You will add notations to your sheets and obtain measurements and quantities.

Figure 1. An example of the Takeoff tab.

The Takeoff tab has five sections:

  • Takeoff Panel: Shown above outlined in blue.

    The Takeoff panel contains the following tabs: Library, Estimate, Alternate, Change Order, and Custom View. All the cost items within Takeoff are contained in the Library panel tab, where they are organized and grouped by type. You can use any item contained within the active library. You can also change libraries via the Libraries field.

    The Estimate, Alternate, and Change Order panel tabs display cost items from the estimate, alternates, and change orders respectively. The cost items in the Alternate panel tab are grouped by alternate, and the cost items in the Change Order panel tab are grouped by change order.
    Note: The Estimate, Alternate, and Change Order panel tabs don't contain the more robust capabilities of the actual Estimate, Alternate, and Change Order tabs.

    The Custom Views panel tab allows you to view custom views of the sheets in your job to use as reference.

  • Overview Window: Shown above outlined in red.

    The Overview window displays the entire current sheet. You can select an area on the Overview window for display in the Main window. The Overview window is only visible on the Library tab

  • Main Window: Shown above outlined in green.

    The Main window is where you digitize your plans. You can scroll and zoom within the Main window to change the window's focal point.

  • Active Notepad Line: Shown above outlined in purple.

    The Active Notepad line contains information about the selected takeoff item, including reference number, description, and quantity.

  • Speedbar: Shown above outlined in orange.

    The speedbar contains a number of buttons that perform specialized tasks within the Shape Recognition tab.

Note: If you have a license for Standalone Takeoff, you will only be able to access the Sheets, Takeoff, Shape Recognition, and NotePad tabs in the Manage Estimates screen. Furthermore, some functions and features in the Takeoff, Shape Recognition, and NotePad tabs may be disabled. Only one user can access the Takeoff tab at a time. The first user to open the job has exclusive view and edit rights to the Takeoff tab. To allow other users to access the Takeoff screen, the current user must close the job or exit the program to release it.