Sheets Tab

The Sheets tab shows a thumbnail image of each sheet in the job, enabling you to see multiple sheets at a glance. If the estimate job contains a large number of sheets, the Sheets tab may contain multiple pages of thumbnails. Use the arrows in the upper right corner of the Sheets tab to navigate between the pages of thumbnails or use the drop-down to navigate to a specific page.

Indicator squares to the left of the sheet name provide information about sheets:
  • purple square - the sheet has annotations
  • blue square - the sheet has revisions
A blue box appears around the active sheet (the sheet currently open in the Takeoff tab). If you click on any other sheet in the Sheets tab, an orange box appears around it. Use the buttons within the orange box and right-click menu functions to change the active sheet, edit certain sheet properties, or delete the sheet and all of its takeoff data.

From the Sheets tab, you can also add new sheets to the job from your computer, add tags to sheets, organize sheets, and filter sheets.